Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

A bright, blue sky....

Monday, 04 April 2011

"The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions."

 - Confucius


First lot crossing the Limekilns and Waterhall on their way to Railway Land

A bright, blue sky and, I am sure, it will warm up as the morning goes on but, in the shade, it is still on the cool side and we have had the striped rugs on the horses. We cantered on Railway Land grass first lot, which has plenty of cover on it at present and, along with the overnight dew, the ground was perfect. It will dry out, as the sun comes up but we have already had the benefit of it first lot. I don't think we shall be having too many runners in the next fortnight but, I can assure you, I have never been happier with how the horses look for a long time. Once we get into a proper racing programme and not this terrible stop/start all-weather/Aintree meeting time of year, we shall be away with a vengeance.


Ron (Dan)

There has been plenty of comment over the weekend about the ground at Doncaster and how bad it was. The complaints were no grass, bare and contained a lot of sand. When will clerks of the courses or groundsmen realise that grass doesn't grow in sand? There is no grass in the deserts or in the beaches around Britain; it is a lazy man's way of filling in holes. The old groundsmen, the ones who worked and took pride in their course, spent the winter months preparing soil for the coming season and could fill in any divot with the prepared mixture, so no sand was ever put on their tracks. Today's modern young employees are always looking for the easy and quick way of doing things. Let me tell them that the only way is the right way and that is not sand - let's hope that the track at Doncaster can be put back to a good racing surface. They have ruined almost everything else there, so let's hope the track can survive.


Cotton Grass (Lauren)

Not many runners at Folkestone today but there wouldn't be with the closeness of the two tracks and with Folkestone being under tariff on four races and only just on tariff with the other three. Windsor is very little better with two below, three right on and the maiden two year old race, which is the best race of the day, above. That says it all! 


Cornish Beau (Butch)

Plenty of build-up to the Grand National at the weekend with the press full of articles on the leading contenders. It didn't help any of the Lincoln entries, so if the trend is to be followed, back something that no one has mentioned. Well done to Michael Dodds on Saturday, on winning the Lincoln with Sweet Lightning, who had spent the last couple of months in Dubai without winning, and to owner, Andrew Tinkler, who has really gone to town this year with a big string of horses. It is always encouraging to win races like this early in the year, as it gets the ball rolling. Phil and I will be having our usual Aintree tipping competition and we will be trying to do better than Cheltenham - at least, one of us will be.


Chankillo (Charles)

I had a great day out at Hillsborough on Saturday, thanks to Peter Sakal and Paul Aldridge, who is the vice-chairman. The Owls managed to win 2-1, so I must have brought them and the new chairman a bit of luck, as it was the first time he had seen them win at home. They really are a big club and I am sure will be back where they belong, though it may take a few years to get there. Phil and Ian are nowhere to be seen this morning and, once found, will be given plenty of stick. Arsenal were pretty poor on Saturday and are now struggling to get on terms with Manchester United  but there are still seven games to go and twenty one points to play for, so you never know.  


Joe The Coat (Dan)