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Another dry night and quite high, wispy clouds...

Wednesday, 06 April 2011

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

 - Theodore Roosevelt


First lot emerging from the copse on Long Hill

Another dry night and quite high, wispy clouds with no sign of any rain in the foreseeable future, in fact, the forecast today is for the temperature to get above 70 degrees. After yesterday's work morning, we have just had a gentle canter and a nice pick of grass. All the coats are starting to blossom and they are feeling very well. Darren, the feeder, tells me they are desperate to get at the feed bowl first thing in the morning, which is a real sign of horses flourishing.


MHT with Rev. Graham Locking and Brushing (Nikki)

I had a long chat with the vicar this morning, as we are both trustees of the Astley, which is the institute that looks after all the staff in the racing industry in Newmarket. It has been run for over twenty years by Ron Wallwork, who is retiring in May and we are in the process of finding his successor. It used to be a very popular place as, when it first started, there was none of the entertainment and communication devices that we have nowadays. There was also very little evening racing and certainly none on Sundays but, like all things, nothing lasts for ever and also, like working men's clubs, less and less people have been using it. We need to find a modern, go-ahead, new manager, who can really pull the community together. It will be a great job for somebody and let's hope we can find one as good as Graham has been for the industry.    


Five Hearts (Ruth)


MHT teaching Imjin River to pick grass

I must have done The Owls good at the weekend or, at least, brought them some luck, as they won 4-0 last night and now look safe from the drop zone. There were a few chuckles from the other end of the office today as Arsenal's arch rivals failed to make an impact in Madrid last night. 


Joe The Coat (Dan)


Chankillo (Charles)