Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

A lovely morning with clear blue sky...

Thursday, 07 April 2011

"We turn not older with years, but newer every day."
- Emily Dickinson


First lot cantering around Side Hill polytrack

A lovely morning with clear blue sky and no wind - if the forecasters are right, it is going to stay like this for, at least, the next five or six days. We have had some excitement already this morning, as I took first lot round Side Hill polytrack, where one of the horses lost her rider and proceeded to head home at a rate of knots. Neil and I were like Starsky and Hutch in pursuit and all's well that ends well, as we caught the errant runaway on the Severals. A great start to my birthday - I don't know how I have managed to survive all these years. We are off to the stalls second lot, so keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.


Old Boy Ted (Ashley)

Peter Sakal is organising the Telegraph Fantasy Aintree competition and has set us up our own super league. Anybody, who wants to have a go, can join our own private league at - Flint Cottage League. Our super league pin number is 8000915. It is fun to play and we can see, who knows what they are talking about. Just go to .


The horses walk around behind the stalls

It is the first day of Aintree today, where the ground is good-to-soft, after the rain that hit that western side. Phil and I are having our Aintree competition and I am hopeful of getting my revenge.

Aintree tipping competition

                                             PHIL                                        MHT                                                   

                        2.00 pm -          BIG BUCK'S                                       GRANDE CRUS                    

                        2.30 pm -          GRANDOUET                                   ZARUANDAR

                        3.05 pm -          PUNCHESTOWNS                         DENMAN

                        3.40 pm -         TURKO                                                 BABY RUN

                        4.15 pm -          MAMLOOK                                         LEO'S LUCKY STAR

                        4.50 pm -         ROYAL CHARM                               WISHFUL THINKING

                        5.25 pm -          MEGASTAR                                       SIRE COLLONGES  


My Guardian Angel walks forward with Rayvin Black and Chankillo already in


Joe The Coat gets a helping push from MHT and Iain

I had a call from one of my owners this morning, who went to Nottingham yesterday for a day out; he was telling me about the debacle with the ground and the watering system, which had gone wrong. There were many ideas and theories, as to what actually happened, to make them move from one track to the other but those people, who withdrew their horses because of this, will once again be losing out as a result of racecourse incompetence. They have also moved the owners' and trainers' car park to cater for the hospitality boxes and I hear this caused some trouble as well. Nottingham is one of those tracks that could really do with a boost, as it attracts very small crowds and needs all the help it can get. If they don't pull their finger out in future, it looks like the best thing they could do is to turn it into a housing estate. 


David jumps the two year olds out with MHT watching on the far side (hidden)