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Thursday, 14 April 2011


“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

 - Anonymous


 First lot make their way in indian file up Warren Hill

The sky is overcast and it seems rather dull today after the beautiful weather we have been experiencing but it is not cold. We have been out on Warren Hill this morning with the horses, having two canters with most of them and they are just about where I want them, in terms of their fitness. They are all getting their summer coats and I am delighted with the way they look but the lack of any rain is becoming a real concern now and the ground is rock hard in Newmarket. 14-04-20

 MHT gives Charles Eddery on Dictate his riding orders

It is always busy when there is racing at Newmarket and this morning has been no exception with owners and their guests arriving in a constant stream  since first thing. The Craven meeting and the breeze-up sales provide the perfect opportunity for owners to combine a day's racing, along with being able to see their horses both in the stable and out on the Heath. Newmarket really comes alive after the quiet of the winter and I love all the activity and being able to show my owners their horses. When you have spent months through the winter, preparing the horses for the coming season, it is a pleasure to be able to show everybody the fruits of your labours.      14-04-38

 Dena Arstall with her mother and MHT on Warren Hill 


 My Guardian Angel (Colin), who is for sale (see 'Horses for Sale' page) 

It is hard to be convinced that the trials yesterday threw up too many classic pointers but with the Craven Stakes today and the trials at Newbury at the weekend, the picture should become a little clearer. Henry Cecil makes the point that he has not been able to get his horses on the grass this spring because of the dry weather, leaving them more backward than normal and I think a lot of trainers are in the same boat. It will not be much of a surprise to see quite a few of these horses making more than usual improvement between now and the Guineas itself, as their fitness levels improve, which means the form could be turned upside down.     14-04-74

 Mariet (Nikki)