Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

Yet another very dry day....

Friday, 15 April 2011

 "Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

 - Anonymous


MHT gives Butch on Smokey Oakey his galloping orders

Yet another very dry day after a dry night and we are now starting to get paranoid about the lack of rain in East Anglia. Maybe parts of the west are getting some but it would be lovely if the wind would blow a few clouds our way. We have been getting as much work as possible into the horses this morning, using the Al Bahathri and the Warren Hill polytrack. We have not had a runner on the turf yet but the horses are in great shape and I cannot wait to get them going, which should be next week.


Smokey Oakey (Butch) and Barwick (Colin)

There is a walkover tomorrow in a race at Leicester, where the prize money falls £7000 below the recommended tariff. It is again disappointing that one trainer has decided to declare, stating that the horse's owners were keen to run and that they intended to donate some money to a racing charity. They should make a big thing of this and give all the paltry proceeds to Racing Welfare, who look after the needs of the racing staff and who would benefit from better prize money. We would rather have racecourses closed down and become building sites, if they don't want to attract runners with sensible prize money. It is very disappointing that Leicester has taken this line, as it has always been a popular track with trainers.


Old Boy Ted (Abby) and Astroverdi (Ashley)

We had a marvellous day yesterday with plenty of owners visiting again. Angie and I were very privileged to be able to meet a few of our brave soldiers, who have come back from Afghanistan with injuries. We were introduced to them by our sponsor, Russell Trew and his family, who very kindly invited them to Newmarket for the races. They have all been to Headley Court, which gives them such a great service and I would recommend anybody to give generously to this great cause. They were so positive about life and their futures that it was very humbling to be in the presence of such brave lads. Frankie Dettori came up to the box between races, which delighted them all and when he rode the last winner, I am sure, you could hear the cheering as he pulled up. There is so much talk about heroes and celebrities nowadays but pop stars and footballers come nowhere near these lads, who are the real heroes. 


Ashley on Astroverdi de-briefing MHT after the work

Still no new foals at Dullingham and we are waiting on four that look fit to burst. It seems a big gap since the last one and will be a shock to the system when we get going again. We have already got one field with six mares and foals, who are all very settled and happy together and the others are starting to be paired up in readiness for their integration. It is amazing how quickly time goes.


Dena Arstall with Mariet yesterday

We have just had two days of breeze-up sales at Newmarket, which apart from a few top-end buys has been pretty rocky. The expectations of some of the vendors must change, as we are not living five years ago, in a so-called booming economy. It was unbelievable to see Cheltenham so full, Aintree was a sell-out and yesterday at Newmarket there was not a seat to be had in the restaurants, who had been fully booked for weeks. This is great for racing and the racecourses and goes to show, if you put on good racing for good prize money, you get the horses and the people to watch. It is beyond my comprehension why we can't sort this industry out for everybody's benefit.


Russell Trew with Ron yesterday