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A funny, old morning...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

"Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength."
 - Eric Hoffer


Ted Spread leads the string down Long Hill in the fog

A funny, old morning, as it started off very foggy and misty but we now have  completely blue sky and the temperature is rising fast. You could hardly see them set off on the canter first thing this morning, as the fog was very thick and the riders could only see about 50 yds in front of them. Anyway, they all went out and they all came back, so it was a successful morning.


The string stops to pick grass in the thick fog

A very disappointing run from Cornish Beau yesterday at Pontefract and, in hindsight, I should not have run him. Mike and Gill had travelled all the way from Berkshire and it was worth a go but the ground was as firm as the M62 with absolutely no give in it at all and there was very little grass cover. I was very disappointed in the Pontefract management, who called it good-to-firm and continued to do so all afternoon. The clerks of the courses have to be honest with everybody or else all respect will go out of the window. I know we are desperate for rain but other than Bath, who are always honest in their going descriptions of firm and hard. These other courses are very resistant to put out any bulletin, calling their ground firm.


Tenpence with her Three Valleys filly foal

I see the whip debate continues and the picture on the front of the Racing Post says it all. Both jockeys with their whips above shoulder height, which I always thought was against the rules. On page 1, the jockeys insist they need a whip and they are right that they do but there are several jockeys, who constantly abuse the system and this is the problem. We need to make it much simpler and enforce the rules rigidly and then, once and for all, this debate will go away.


Tenpence and her foal frollicking in the sunshine


Sosumi with her Pastoral Pursuits colt foal


A close-up of Sosumi's foal


Mega with her Zamindar filly foal


Azure Mist with her Halling colt foal


Nice Time with her Observatory colt foal


Tawny Way's Halling filly foal