They are not children ...

Once again, an absolutely boiling hot morning...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

“Friendship is love with understanding.”

 - Proverb


MHT and Gerry Barrett

Once again, an absolutely boiling hot morning and we have had quite a few visitors popping in-and-out to see their horses; everybody is always very welcome at Flint Cottage and the enthusiasm is great to see. We have just been having a gentle canter and then a good pick of grass. All the horses are very relaxed, eating well and their coats are glowing, so all we need now is a few days of good rain and we will be in full operation. I may run one or two at Yarmouth next week, who have made the effort to put all their races up to tariff. This is a great relief, as I absolutely love having runners there and would have been very disappointed, if I had to give it a miss. The ground is on the fast side, as expected, so I will only be running the ones that can handle it. 


First lot picking grass in the early morning sunshine


Admiring Ted Spread

I see Towcester are jumping on the publicity band wagon with their idea to run all their races with no whips. This is not official and I very much doubt this idea will get clearance from the BHA. The jockeys have come out completely against it, as have most of the racing professionals and, if we are to maintain our credibility as the top and foremost racing nation, we should kick this silly campaign into touch. I have told you during the week, my opinion is that horses don't need abusing and, if they won't go for two or three, they will not go for twenty. Make the rule six behind the saddle and, any more, you lose the race; it would sort it out in an instant.


Barry Cook and his daughter, Laura, MHT, Jenko plus Roy and Denise Jelfs

Both Open Days, at Lambourn and Middleham, looked a great success. As I stated yesterday, we are in discussions re: a Newmarket one and I am sure something will be sorted out in the near future. I know it would be unbelievably popular, as well as  great PR for the industry.


Two sisters - Cat Island above and Sleigh Bells below


The football is beginning to get down to the line now with Arsenal under severe pressure and they really need to get some points on the board, when away to Bolton tomorrow. The Owls are now safe for another year and have another exotic outing away at Walsall.


Barry Cook and his daughter, Laura, with Toptempo


Aslam showing Nice Time and her Observatory foal to their proud owners yesterday