New and exciting horses for sale ...

A dry morning, once again....

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think."

 - Buddha


First lot arrives at the Racecourse car park

A dry morning, once again but with a biting cold wind and you certainly needed a couple of coats to keep you warm. It is the first morning that I have taken the first two lots across to the watered gallop on Racecourse Side. Mick, the foreman, has done a great job this spring and the ground was in perfect condition. All the horses moved well on it and the big thing is that they will improve for the work. We can keep them ticking over well on the polytracks but the grass really tells you a lot more.


Ted Spread (Butch), Piccarello (Dan) and Cornish Quest (Hannah)


Brushing (Nikki), Mystery Star (Neil Callan) and Dazinski (Steve)

Both the runners yesterday ran with credit. Watch Chain saw a lot of daylight and, in the circumstances, ran very well; he will improve fitness-wise for the outing and there are races to be won with him from now onwards. Locum ran well in a very muddling race but was found to be in a bit of distress afterwards and only came back to Newmarket, after veterinary attention at the track; he then spent the night under surveillance at Rossdales veterinary hospital in Exning. I am pleased to report this morning that he had a quiet night and we are picking him up shortly. These things  happen now and again and I am sure it was a combination of excitement, a bit of dehydration and a slight internal displacement, which sorted itself out once we got him relaxed. He will now have a little bit of time on the easy list but should be back on the track in June.  


Barwick (Jimmy Quinn) and Star Commander (Ashley)


Izzet (Nikki) and Imjin River (Charles)

One runner today at Yarmouth in the last race, the two miler, Astroleo. Charles Eddery takes the ride and gets a good 7 pounds off. He has run well here in the past, gets plenty of weight from those above him and certainly has a chance of running well today.


Old Boy Ted (Jimmy) and Astroverdi (Ashley)


Battery Power (Lauren) and Colzium (Nikki)

On another medical note, for those who know Colin Williams, our very experienced work rider, I have to tell you he had a bit of a turn yesterday but is in good hands and everybody at Flint Cottage wishes him well for a speedy recovery. It was very quiet this morning without his Welsh voice booming out songs at frequent intervals. If anybody wants to send cards or good wishes, please do so via Flint Cottage and we will pass them on.


Astromagick (Rhea) and Cat Island (Charles)