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A bright, blue sky....

Monday, 09 May 2011

“The significance of a man lies not in what he attains but rather in what he longs to attain.”

 - Kahlil Gibran

09-05-01First lot walking through the Limekilns belt

A bright, blue sky with not a cloud in sight and as we write Khaled, my yardman, is hosing the yard to keep down the dust. It really is like living on the shores of the Mediterranean and, if it continues like this, vineyards will be sprouting up everywhere in East Anglia. We have been on our normal Monday morning exercise with first lot walking down the Limekilns belt and then cantering back up the Al Bahathri on Railway Land and Lord Derby's. Second and third lot have been up Long Hill polytrack and the equine pool has been busy with several horses swimming before breakfast.

09-05-08Crossing the Bury road at Wellbottom Lodge

09-05-21Comrade Bond (Abbi)

There has been a bit of rain about throughout the country and York have had some, so we will be having a few runners there at their big, May meeting this week. We will also be visiting Yarmouth tomorrow and possibly Newmarket and Newbury at the weekend. It is very frustrating when you have a yard full of horses all ready to go but patience is a virtue and I would rather have a sound, unjarred-up horse than one, which is feeling its legs and moving scratchily, as would happen if you ran on this bone-hard ground. You only have to watch the racing to see horses hanging and not going forward, as they come under pressure on the fast surfaces.

09-05-23Kathleen Frances (Ashley)

The response to Phil's Guneas quiz has been a bit poor this time but the closing date is next weekend and anybody who hasn't had a go, I urge them to get their thinking caps on and sent in an entry. You can even e-mail your answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Brushing (Nikki)


Astroleo (Iain) leads second lot up Long Hill

It was interesting to see one of the Kentucky Derby winning owners speaking warmly about overseas racing and how much sounder and stronger our horses are compared with the American medicated and manipulated-leg horses. The sooner the United States racing authorities bring in a drug free regime the better. Our industry is the best in the world and we should sing its praises as much as possible.


Bird of Faith (Rhea)

It looks all over in the Premiership now and even Phil and Ian have conceded that Arsenal need to re-group,  sell some of their under-performing players and invest in some that want to play for the club. It was a very poor show at Stoke on Sunday. As for The Owls, who got beaten at home by Exeter, I am in complete despair and would advise we put every one of them up for sale, if we can get a bid for them, change the manager and start completely again. How a great club like this can have plummeted to the depths we are in is beyond me. Let's just hope the new owner and management have the will to get them on the right road.     


On The Rocks (Ruth)