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Saturday, 14 May 2011

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

  - Herman Cain

14-05-07First lot on Warren Hill

A beautiful start to the day with not a cloud in the sky but the wind has picked up, as the morning has progressed and it is starting to look like we could get some of that promised rain. We have been inundated with visitors today, which is often the way on a Saturday morning. The horses have been cantering up Warren Hill Mactrack and then picking grass but we have also had quite a few in the pool, which has interested the spectators, many of which have never seen a horse swim before.

14-05-16Battery Power (Lauren) and Bird of Faith (Rhea)

14-05-21First lot picking grass on Long Hill

Our runners yesterday all ran perfectly adequately. The ground at Newmarket was quite firm and I am not too sure where any 'good' came from but they both had a little swim and a good walk this morning and are now in line for a handicap mark for the future. Cornish Beau ran much better at Newbury to be third and if you take out the well-handicapped winner, we have run very respectably. I think further will suit him and he is sure to win more races this season. 

14-05-52MHT with Tony and Mona, who are visiting the yard before going racing this afternoon

14-05-60Dine Out (Ashley)

Cup Final day today and it is very sad that this great occasion is now lost among a multitude of other sporting events; it is even played before the end of the Premier League season, which should sort itself out today. It seems to me we are dumbing down all the great occasions and nothing is looked forward to or anticipated any more. The excitement building up to a Cup Final, the Derby or even the Lincoln Handicap has all but gone to the general public and I think it is a very sad thing that this has happened, or been allowed to happen. All I can say is 'Come on you Potters', as it would be fantastic if Stoke City can beat the unbelievably expensive Manchester City team.

14-05-64MHT gives Astromoon a pat