Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

We have a morning with high cloud cover...

Monday, 16 May 2011

“A man must put grain in the ground before he can cut the harvest.”

 - Gypsy proverb

16-05-01MHT inspects the Trial Ground on the Limekilns

We have a morning with high cloud cover but it is warm and there is no sign of rain. I think a few spots have fallen overnight but not enough to start to dampen the dust and the forecast looks as if East Anglia and the South are going to miss any rain that is forecast this week. I can feel the horseboxes getting revved up for long journeys to the north and Scotland, if it doesn't rain soon. The problem with this is the huge expenses overnight runners cost the industry. The cost of diesel and lads' expenses mean you need to be sure of getting in the money to justify these long journeys. I have got the horses in fantastic form and they are looking marvellous, in fact, we have won three best turned-outs in the last week from very few runners, which tells its own story. We just need some ground to run them on. 

16-05-07First lot makes its way across the track between the Limekilns and Waterhall 

I see that the tariffs are the headlines on pages 1 and 2 of the Racing Post today once again. The Racecourse Association is trying to accuse the Horsemen's Group, who introduced the tariffs, of forcing the courses to dumb down their races, i.e. have more class 5 and 6 races rather than 3 or 4. The problem, as I see it, is we have much too much racing and this next Saturday is a very good example: we have Goodwood, Chester, Haydock, York, Lingfield and Newbury all on the same day. Where are the jockeys going to go - Phil tells me there are approximately 50 banned or waiting to be banned at the present - and why have Chester, Haydock and York on the same day? It is completely crackers and until we get somebody with the brains, the will and the know-how to sort this out, we will continue to go round in circles. We have got the best racing in the world and we act like a third world country - it is so frustrating!

16-05-10Ted Spread (Butch)

16-05-14Piccarello (Charles)

Congratulations to both Manchester sides on winning both the League and the Cup this weekend. Phil and Ian are starting to get worried, as Arsenal seems to be on the slide and may even have to play in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League next season. My West Ham owners were complaining I never mention them on the weekend reports but after their result yesterday, I think it is better I haven't. The feedback I have been getting from them is that they will soon bounce back, especially with a manager, who knows what he is doing - oh, to have one at Hillsborough!

16-05-45MHT keeps a watchful eye on the horses after cantering

16-05-02David and Darren, with Caroline helping, take Brushing for a swim