Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

A very warm, close morning...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

“Between two stools one sits on the ground."

 - Francois Rabelais


First lot arriving at the Racecourse car park

A very warm, close morning once again and it is just so repetitive what the weather forecasters keep telling us. There looks very little chance of rain in the South in the near future but the only good thing is that it will suit the few runners I will be having this week, who like fast ground. We have been coming down the watered gallop this morning, which had been moved onto a new piece of ground. I think the general concensus from the jockeys was that it rode very well - it should do, as you pay extra to use it.

17-05-103MHT giving everyone their galloping orders

17-05-105Heathmen treading in the divots on the watered gallop

There was a splash in the Racing Post this morning about Great Leighs and what the future holds for this track. Firstly, I will state it was a very popular track with Newmarket trainers, mainly because it is so close and the surface was excellent but, and it is a big but, it should never have been allowed to open in the first place, as there was no proper stand and the financial plan was very hit-and-miss. I would like to state also that we would love to see it open once again but the BHA should not even consider giving it a licence, unless it has got a stand and the owners are genuine and have the finance to keep it going indefinitely. I think, at the moment, it is a marketing ploy to give it some publicity and see if anybody is out there, who might consider buying the place. I would be very doubtful of it opening again as a racecourse in the near future.

17-05-108Five Hearts (Ashley) and Battery Power (Lauren)

17-05-112Piccarello (Charles) and Cornish Beau (Hannah)

I am in the mood for having a rant and my next one is about the Tote. It has been narrowed down to two runners and the sooner the Government makes a decision the better one way or the other. It is beyond me why it takes so long to decide. Just give it to one or the other, take the money and let them get on with it. It is simple but don't hold your breath that anything will happen quickly.   

17-05-115Comrade Bond (Dan) and Locum (Lee)

17-05-128Ron (Lee)