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Saturday, 21 May 2011

"He has the right to criticize, who has the heart to help." 

 - Abraham Lincoln

21-05-12First lot on Long Hill

Just more of the same this morning but there is a bit of a breeze, which is keeping the humidity down. We have been out cantering and several have been in the pool, including the ones who ran yesterday at Yarmouth. We usually give them a swim and a good lead on the day after they have run (see atttached video).


Astroleo cools down with a swim

Headlines on the front of the Racing Post this morning and in most daily newspapers about a race-fixing investigation on several jockeys and owners - just what the industry doesn't want at this time. If you have been reading this site, you will know my thoughts on the betting exchanges. I have always held the opinion that when you can bet on anything to lose, there will always be corruption and this applies to every sport. When Betfair and the like were licensed, it was an open field for this to happen. The other thing I would like to state on this affair is that it is May now and the case is not going to be heard until October. Why charge them and then not have the case immediately? Or if the case is in October, take everybody's licences away until then.

21-05-33Ted Spread (Ashley)

I cannot agree more with Richard Hughes's comments today in his column in the Racing Post re: the going descriptions. The courses always have to have 'good' somewhere in their description, when nearly 90% of the time, at present, the race is run on very firm ground. I think it has something to do with the animal welfare lobby. The going stick is a complete waste of time and no more money should be spent or wasted on this completely inadequate piece of kit. All we require is proper clerks of the courses, who know their ground, are honest with their customers and tell it as it is. We can then make our own minds up whether we run or not. It would be a great step in the right direction if this could happen.

21-05-01Laheen (on left) with her chestnut Bahamian Bounty colt and Missouri with her Beat Hollow filly

21-05-26Twelfth Night with her Nayef colt

The final weekend of the Premiership, where the relegation places are the most exciting and its pick two from five as to who goes down with West Ham. Phil is still clinging to the hope that Arsenal may finish third but I think it is clinging and by his fingertips.    

21-05-44Astromancer's Black Sam Bellamy's filly foal

21-05-47Seasonal Blossom with her Dutch Art filly

21-05-114Sosumi's colt foal by Pastoral Pursuits