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It is just the same sort of morning...

Monday, 23 May 2011

"Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it. "

 - Anonymous

23-05-04First lot set off at the bottom of Long hill

It is just the same sort of morning we have been having for the past two months, only a lot windier, which dries the ground up even more quickly. Sunshine, heat and dust - we could be anywhere that has a desert at present. You can feel sorry for us but the people I really feel for are the growers and farmers of East Anglia, whose crops will be decimated in this weather. We have had a good canter with all the horses this morning and quite a few have been in the pool as well, so they are all fit, well and raring to go. We have several entries towards the end of the week and we will make our minds up nearer the time but the only place that seems to be getting proper rain is Scotland. 

23-05-07Ted Spread (Ashley)

I didn't mention at the weekend how well Astroleo ran on Friday at Yarmouth. He certainly put up a great show and was only beaten by a great ride from Kieren Fallon on the winner. He is in good form and will be out again shortly. Watch Chain's race was one of those races where everything doesn't go to plan: they went a crawl, it developed into a sprint and they spread out across the track - all the things he hates.

23-05-30Colzium (Wajid)

23-05-42Koraleva Tectona (Dan)

The winner of the caption competition re: the 'what do you call a group of journalists' is Stan Carr, who came up with 'a scribble of journalists', which wins him a Mark Tompkins pen - just what he has always wanted. It is in the post today, Stan. Thank you everybody for all your entries, even the ones that were near the knuckle.

Gary_CarrStan Carr

23-05-81MHT inspects second lot after cantering

It is the grand opening of the Premier Inn today, which is just round the corner from us, opposite Waitrose. There has been plenty of controversy about the planning permission but it has now been built and I would think it will get plenty of use. The only problem, I can see, is that the car park is the public one opposite but we will have to wait and see as things settle down. It has certainly tidied up that corner of Newmarket. 

23-05-85The new Premier Inn

Phil and Ian are in mourning after the weekend results and I have been giving them plenty of advice about playing in the Europa League!