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Still windy this morning...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

"Instead of counting your days, make your days count." 

- Author Unknown

24-05-10Brushing (Nikki), Kathleen Frances (Ashley) and Cornish Beau (Iain)

Still windy this morning but nowhere near as bad as yesterday and quite cool first thing. We had a short cloudburst last night but it was gone as quickly as it came, so it barely even damped the dust. First lot paid its usual Tuesday morning visit to the watered gallop but the horses are fit now and I am just keeping them ticking over. I am entering the horses wherever I think there may be some decent ground and I shall be keeping a close eye on the forecast in my efforts to find opportunities for the horses. It appears that, not only do we have to contend with the dry weather, but now we have the volcanic ash causing problems - let's hope it does not affect horseboxes!

24-05-18Battery Power (Lauren), Astroverdi (Charles) and Old Boy Ted (Dan)

The new handicap ratings came through today and I needed picking up off the floor, when I saw that Astroleo had been put up 7 lbs, for finishing second at Yarmouth last week. How can anyone think that there is 7 lbs worth of improvement in a 5 year old horse, who has not won a race for nearly two years? Astroleo is a lovely, old horse and a yard favourite, which makes it all the more frustrating, when the handicapper does this to them.  I can feel a call to the relevant handicapper coming on but I may need to wait until tomorrow, when I have calmed down, before discovering the logic behind this decision.

24-05-32Ron (Kieran)

It was good to read in the Racing Post today that Kirsten Rausing has taken a stand over the tariffs. She arrived back in the country and told her trainer that she did not want her horse to run in an under-tariff race at Leicester yesterday, ultimately leaving the race as a match. We can only hope that Leicester will get the message, sooner rather than later that, when they provide adequate prize money, they will get the runners. As Chairman of the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association and owner of Lanwades Stud, Miss Rausing is an important figure in the industry and it is just this sort of high-profile support that we need.

24-05-37Astromagick (Lauren)

Mike Smith, the american Hall of Fame jockey, arrived at Lingfield yesterday, ready to ride only to be stopped by the UK Border Agency. Apparently, he has the wrong visa but you would have thought that the BHA, or someone else in authority, would have ensured that this sort of embarrassing situation did not arise, as foreign jockeys of his stature are marvellous for British racing. It can't be that difficult: where would football be without the odd foreign player!    

24-05-41Second lot pull out in the front yard

24-05-48As soon as they are gone, Khaled leaps into action to tidy the yard and Darren sets off to make sure they are all fed