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An even warmer and drier morning...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

“The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it but in the end...there it is.”

 - Winston Churchill

25-05-51First lot on Warren Hill

An even warmer and drier morning, if that could be at all possible. I am starting to sound like Michael O'Leary, the boss of Ryanair, who has opinions on everything. I am sure he is right though about the volcanic ash, which has just caused mayhem at northern airports once again. Have they just started to erupt in the last year or two or have we been missing something for years? It is possible that the new environmental/green politicians have got to justify their existence. We have been cantering on Bury Side all morning and the pool has been in full swing, as it will be at evening stables.

25-05-70Dictate (Kieran)

Very sad to read that Mtoto has died aged 28. He was a tremendous horse and was the apple of the late Alec Stewart's eye. The horsewas plagued with foot problems and the team did a great job to get him to win so many good races. He retired to stud and was the sire of the Derby winner, Shaamit, amongst many other good horses.

25-05-76Imjin River (Abby)

I see the Tote verdict is delayed again and I just can't understand what the problem is, when you only have a choice of two. Maybe it is the AV voting system! Let's hope they make their minds up soon, so that one or the other can get this organisation back into shape, modernised and making money for the benefit of the industry.

25-05-04MHT watches second lot have a canter

I am very sorry that this video didn't work last week but now Neil knows which boxes to tick on the Youtube site, hopefully, we won't have any more of these blips.


Astroleo cools down with a swim

25-05-11Some of second lot have a pick of grass, while the others have a second canter