It's Champions weekend ...

A frustrating weekend....

Monday, 20 June 2011

"Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits, take care of your garden and keep out the weeds."

 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

20-06-13Dictate (Butch) lead first lot up Long Hill

A very clear, blue sky first thing this morning and there is not a breath of wind, so it is glorious to be out on the Heath with the horses. We have had our normal Monday morning canters on various artificial surfaces on the Bury Side of town and have given the two that are going to run tomorrow at Beverley a little blow to clear their pipes, before they travel up today.

20-06-18Piccarello (John)

20-06-42Mystery Star (Rhea) and Marvo (Hannah)

One of those weekends, which had it not been for if-and-buts, short heads, etc. could have been a very memorable one but most of them ran as well as I could have hoped with the star being Ted Spread's great re-appearance. I very nearly didn't run him, as I had walked down to well past the four furlong pole and the ground was certainly patchy in places. Then, I was nearly knocked over by a horse coming out of the stalls after his stalls test but, on examination of the track, he was making a print. The jockeys confirmed it was on the 'good' side with no jar after the first two races, so I let him take his chance. Had it not been for a judge with a big magnifying glass, it would have been a dead heat. Dazinski and Star Commander showed their well-being and will soon be winning, as they are both on the upgrade. On Saturday, Rayvin Black delighted us with his debut run and old Locum performed very well, looking unlucky not to make the frame. Astroverdi improved greatly for his stalls work and experience and will be out again soon. Haydock, true to itself, produced completely barmy ground with it being very firm in the straight. They have absolutely ruined a great track by doing all that work on it and it is so disappointing and confusing for all involved that you can get such diverse going readings on different parts of the track. We had sent Zenarinda all the way up there for good, good-to-soft ground to get good-to-firm, firm ground. It is enought to drive anybody mad but the courses don't care, as long as they get the paying punters, who just want to get paralytic and listen to bands who we have never heard of. Either they are racecourses or pop stadiums. It doesn't encourage anybody to go racing again having these concerts, in fact, the reverse, as it puts the proper racing fan off.

20-06-51MHT with My Guardian Angel (Ashley)

20-06-62 Lady Bellatrix (Rhea)

Result of the Royal Ascot tipping competition

First - MHT showing a profit of £186.66

Second - Phil showing a loss of £18.26

Third - Sam showing a loss of £177.83

As you can see from the above, class will out and, once I got the bit between my teeth from a very slow start, there was no catching me. I must say after 5 days and 30 races to a level £10 stake, all three of us have done very well and what a fantastic week it was. It is the horses and what they do on the track, which attracts people to racing and there is not a better week's racing anywhere in the world. I think there were a few transport problems with the police, as a result of their traffic guru coming up with some daft ideas to increase traffic flow which, as ever when these people get involved, creates the reverse and chaos descends. There has never been a problem before other than sheer weight of numbers and I hope it will revert to normality next time. It was not like Ascot at Pontefract yesterday but the queues were horrendous to get in and, when asking the question 'why' of the clerk of the course, you just get a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. They don't care as long as the numbers come through the gates.

20-06-56Phantom Ranch (Hannah)