A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

A very warm and muggy morning....

Monday, 04 July 2011

“Everyone must row with the oars he has.”

 - Proverb

040703     040709

Imjin River having his early morning swim

A very warm and muggy morning with hordes of thunder flies driving everybody barmy. I would think it is the lull before the storm and we can expect a downpour in the next 24 hours. We have had a full compliment of staff this morning with all the part timers here and, consequently, we have been able to have three good lots out in good time before this heat gets completely oppressive.

040720Star Commander (John) and Astroverdi (Charles)

It went a bit on the firm side for our runners at Carlisle on Saturday night but Imjin River and Izzet ran with reasonable credit, Marvo hated the ground and we found out a bit more about Astromoon.
What a race for the Eclipse with both horses giving everybody a great spectacle. It was great to see So You Think win in a titanic struggle and her breeder, Mike Moran, was quickly on the phone from New Zealand and from the noise in the background there was plenty of reverie going on. We now read in the Racing Post that the Australian authorities are being awkward about the quarantine rules that regulate our horses before being shipped to race in Australia. I am sure this can be overcome but it just goes to show that the Aussies don't want us to have anything easy, when we go to race there, unlike the UK, which bends over backwards to help them in reverse. International racing will only get better and develop more if all the countries can work together in harmony.

040746Kathleen Frances (Ashley)


Newmarket Horse Racing Documentary - A Sporting Chance

I did the above video quite a while ago, as you can see by the youthful looks of both the vicar and I. Steve Avery was looking through Youtube the other day and found it. I thought it might be easy watching for everybody.

040752Brushing (Nikki)

It was disappointing for the Sandown crowd on Saturday that the runners had to go straight to the start and not parade, all because of the British Champion Series pre-race presentation, and that they were getting behind on the TV schedule. In fact, not enough time was spent on this fantastic race, as we were being rushed off here, there and everywhere to watch other races. The public and TV viewers would have far rather had much more coverage of this great race.

040762Cotton Grass (John) leads second lot up Warren Hill mactrack

040773Astroscarlet (Ruth)

040783Cat Island (Lauren), Locum (Lee) and Miss Wendy (Alex)