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A bright morning with blue sky...

Wednesday, 06 July 2011

“He who says what he likes will hear what he does not like.”

 - English Proverb

060711Zenarinda (Nikki)

A bright morning with blue sky but some very heavy clouds. There was also quite a bit of wind, which is keeping the temperature about right. We have had a very easy morning with the horses, cantering on Warren Hill, followed by a pick of grass. We were forecast heavy rain overnight but all we had was a good, sharp shower or two, producing 6mm of rain, which will only dampen the dust. I am sure the ground for this week's July festival will be on the firm side. 

060717Steve in conversation with Iain on Cornish Beau and MHT with Butch on Ted Spread

Star Commander was slightly disappointing yesterday. It may be the ground was much too firm for him and a mile and a quarter will suit him better. We shall have to wait until we get some proper rain, which is the case with quite a few of mine.

060727My Guardian Angel (Dan) leads second lot on Exeter Road

I see the Racing Post are starting to take seriously what all the professionals have been saying for a long time. Richard Hannon, one of our very top trainers, has spoken out and the paper is now taking some notice of the complete chaos the fixture list has got into. For some financial reason, Newmarket has moved its historically perfect July meeting from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, when everybody could come and have a few day's off in conjunction with the sales, to Thursday, Friday, Saturday. This clashes with Ascot, York and Chester. Where they think the few top jockeys who are not banned are going to go, I don't know. Why clash with the John Smith's Cup at York, which has always attracted a fantastic field, along with all the top jockeys? It amazes me that this sort of situation is allowed to happen and just goes to show there is nobody in charge, of any part of our profession, that has any power or knowledge of what is happening. We desperately need to sort this whole industry out. 

060736Shomberg (Lauren)

060739Like Clockwork (Charles)

060744Phantom Ranch (Hannah) and Joe The Coat (Wajid)

060757Bird of Faith (Abbi) and Imjin River (Abby)

060785Rayvin Black (Ashley)

060793One of the painted horses, outside Waitrose