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The morning after the storm...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"A good laugh is sunshine in a house."

William Makepeace Thackeray

20.07.08Ted Spread with Butch and Brushing with Nikki

What a thunder storm we had here yesterday afternoon! It suddenly got black and bolts of lightning and the loudest thunder rained down, with hail stones as big as peas and rain that the drains couldn't cope with. Several of the horses were a bit worried and evening stables stood still for twenty minutes. It washed a lot of the surface from the walking grounds on the Heath down to the top of the town, and the Heath staff have done a great job of clearing it up. The amount of rain we have had has now closed most of the special grass gallops and we can now get on the grass on Warren and Long Hill.

20.07.09Blimey O'Reilly with Ashley

Two seconds and two thirds from our five runners yesterday and the other one ran better than his finishing position of sixth suggested. They didn't go fast enough for Marvo. Cotton Grass ran a bit flat and the race may have come too quickly for her. Astromagick beat the favourite but just met one who was a handicap blot. She is fast improving and it is only a matter of time before she wins. Zenarinda handled the surface and will surely be winning once back in handicap company and Colzium will come back in trip next time.

20.07.18Astrovenus with Ruth

Three runners today two on the flat and one over hurdles: We start with Imjin River in the 3 o'clock at LIngfield. His all weather rating is ten higher than on the grass and he has been getting his act together lately. Things need to fall right for him during the race but he must have a chance if they do so. Koraleva Tectona is our next runner in the 3.20 at Worcester. She is making her debut over hurdles.  A big strong mare, she has schooled with great enthusiasm at home and if getting the trip should run with reasonable credit. You never quite know how they will make the transition to hurdles until you run them and it's always intriguing every time - some absolutely love it and some don't take to it at all. Our last runner is Cornish Beau in the 9 o'clock at Leicester. He has run well on occasions this year and if putting his best foot forward is another that shouldn't be too far away.

Relaxing after their canters

20.07.28             20.07.35

                    Cornish Quest                                                                 Mystery Star

There was a big article yesterday about Sunday racing in the Racing Post and how it is starting to loose its gloss. I don't think  it ever had any gloss as we were told every race was going to worth a minimum of £10,000 only to quickly find that we were back to very poor levels of prize money, and with the overtime expenses to the staff and the reluctance to loose their day off, Sunday racing has certainly not been a hit with the professionals actually producing the horses. If the prize money was worth it and justified the effort then a good programme of Sundays could be organised, but I feel, with T.V. companies not excited by it and sponsors lukewarm to the day, we may be in for only poor fare if it continues.
I have always maintained that sponsors love mid week racing as they can have a day off work and the networking that can happen when you get clients to the races is very worthwhile. Why the Derby was moved from Wednesday to Saturday is beyond belief and the same thing has happened to the July Cup. Worldwide T.V. coverage is the reason most touted but you usually have to contend with other high profile sports and consequently our crown jewels are downgraded.

   Paulo letting his horse pick grass.