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A perfect morning

Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important."


23.07.12  Colzium with Paolo and Monsieur Bond with Abbi

There was a bit of rain last night here at Newmarket which has kept the temperature absolutely right and made the grass canters perfect. Everything has been out and had a good exercise and the horses are really fresh and well. In fact Butch fell off twice yesterday, once at a walk and once while picking grass! 

23.07.06Perfect ground on the grass this morning

Our runner last night, Cornish Quest, had to run in the dark at 8.45 and I believe the judge was getting worried as it was very hard to see anything. It was absolutely heaving with people last night at Newmarket with a group on, but we were still running for the paltry sum of £2000. These courses must play ball and make the minimum a much higher figure. He finished mid division and improved on last time. A a drop back in trip should do the trick.

23.07.31Having a well-earned pick of grass

One runner today, again in the last at Newmarket, Battery Power. She was slightly disappointing last time at Sandown after a good run at Newmarket, but I am hoping that she can bounce back today and the one thing we will find out is if she stays or not. I have trained a lot of this family and they usually stay very well and are very genuine.23.07.23

I thought it was a bit out of order yesterday for the Racing Post to do an article with jockeys giving their opinion on how to ride Frankel. Tom Queally is a top class jockey who does very little wrong but somebody seems to want to knock him at every corner. I wonder what Lester Piggott would have thought of such criticism. I hope Tom takes no notice and that Frankel wins on the bridle. I very much hope this not going to be a permanent weekly article.

What is going on here?

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23.07.41Marvo with John and Like Clockwork with Charles

I hope you have been watching the Tour de France as it has been one of the best weeks ever for viewing. The last couple of days in the Alps have been fantastic and really sorted out the men from the boys. I think Thursday's stage will live for ever in Tour history. It is a time trial today which is sure to prove decisive.

23.07.48Five Hearts with Gemma

23.07.58Astromoon relaxing with Butch