A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

An overcast morning but not cold....

Monday, 25 July 2011

“A fool's tongue is long enough to cut his own throat.”

 - French proverb

250774First lot walking through Bury Hills belt of trees...

An overcast morning but not cold and we have taken the first two lots on a good trek, past Bury Hills, down the Bury Road belt of trees, along the bottom of the Limekilns and then cantered up the Al Bahathri. This gallop starts on Railway Land and goes through the trees out onto Lord Derby's. It is a great Monday morning exercise both for lads and horses.

250777...and then crossing the Moulton Road

We have no runners until Wednesday of this week, when we will have a runner at Goodwood. This will be a fantastic day to go, as it is the 'Duel on the Downs' between Frankel and Canford Cliffs. I hope there are going to be more than three runners as, otherwise, the tactics will be fun. All the talk would be completely in vain.

250793Ted Spread (Charles) cantering up the Al Bahathri

A very sad incident at Ascot on Saturday with Rewiding breaking his cannon bone. It was very reminiscent of one we had several years ago at Goodwood, when a very nice horse of Angie's, called Ten Bob, did exactly the same thing and you can never put your finger on the exact cause. It was an odd sort of race with horses hanging across the track, which seems to be getting to be a bit of a habit at Ascot. It may be the ground but it may also be they are hanging for the entrance gate. It is possible that this gate could be moved further up the track. 

2507104Comrade Bond (Abbi) walking off the end of the gallop

Two great festivals this week with Glorious Goodwood and Galway in Ireland. If you have not been to either, I recommend both very highly. Goodwood is a week of top class racing on the most picturesque course in Britain and you cannot fail to enjoy it. At Galway, you need bags of stamina, as nobody ever seems to go to bed and the Guinness, oysters and music never stop. There is also top class racing with a great mixture of flat and jumps.  

2507123Second lot walking across the Limekilns

2507143Mystery Star (Rhea) sets off at the bottom of the Al Bahathri

2507156Bird of Faith (Abbi)

2507162Piccarello (Alex) walking home along the Bury Road