Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A busy morning...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

“A horse of good breed is not dishonoured by his saddle.”

 - Arabic proverb

280704Red Hermes (Charles)

We have had quite a busy morning already with canterers and one or two workers. An old school friend of mine called in at 6.30 am on his way through to St. Ives. I hadn't seen him for forty years - I don't think we had changed much, just got a bit older - but it was nice to reminisce about our old grammar school days.

280707Joe The Coat (Wajid)

A long way to go to Goodwood yesterday but we set off early and had a good run down. Dazinski got shuffled back a bit at half way and from then on he could never get into the contest. He stays these extreme trips and the Cesarewitch will be his long term aim.
It was fantastic to be there on such a great day and to see a horse with the talent of Frankel, given a perfect ride by Tom Queally. I want to see two pages of congratulations and praise for his perfect ride in the Racing Post. Frankel is an amazing horse with a stride that doesn't seem to be going that quickly, which he showed to perfection yesterday. It looks as if he will be kept in training next year, so 'Racing for Pennies' will be redundant. The crowd, yesterday, was the biggest I have ever seen at Goodwood, proving all you need to attract people is proper horses.


Frankel and Tom Queally on their way to the winners' enclosure

Those of you who have visited Flint Cottage over the years will know that, periodically, we have problems with water leaks. This is caused by the weight of the delivery and waste removal lorries. I have had to get my divining rods out this morning to pin-point the pipe to the boys. I was given a lesson in divining years ago by old John Ellis from Yorkshire, who loved looking for the 'lay lines', wherever he lived. It is an interesting subject and one we have taken an interest in for a long time. The disruption in the yard drives everybody bonkers but the water is pouring out and don't forget it is on a meter!

280717Kelvin and Ryan searching for the source of the leak

Two runners today, both at Stratford over hurdles. Astromoon in the maiden hurdle and Astrolibra in the handicap hurdle. Both jump well and I am hopeful of a good show.

280723No Rules (Dan) surveying Long Hill

280711        280713

              Ted Spread (Butch)                                                                       Locum (Lee)

280721Cornish Beau (John), Shomberg (Lauren) and My Guardian Angel (Wajid)

280734Steve gives Lady Bellatrix a pick of grass

For those of you who know Clare, I am delighted to tell you she produced a beautiful baby girl at the weekend, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 ozs. We will be passing her across the withers of a horse very shortly, as that brings very good luck.