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Friday, 29 July 2011

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

 - Maya Angelou

290719First lot trotting to the Racecourse car park

Another busy morning with horses doing fast work on Racecourse Side and cantering on Bury Side. As usual, we have had some visitors and they always get their money's worth when they arrive first thing in the morning, as I can tell you it was very entertaining this morning!!

290729Charles on Blimey O'Riley gets his galloping orders

Goodwood continues to produce fantastic racing and there were some tremendous finishes yesterday. The first four in the Goodwood Cup, after 2 miles, were all within half a length of each other. The ground is drying up and there were some pretty quick times as well. Hopefully, we will have a couple of runners there tomorrow but a shower of rain would certainly help Kathleen Frances.
I must comment on the celebrity race yesterday, which raised a lot of money for Great Ormonde Street Hospital. This is a fantastic charity to support but they were very lucky to get away without a more serious accident, which would have really put the dampers on the whole show. More stringent entry criteria for riders needs to be introduced.

290737The Heathmen hard at work this morning

I only ran Astromoon yesterday at Stratford and quickly withdrew Astrolibra, as the ground was very firm. Astromoon was feeling the firm ground all the way and Colin looked after her. My travelling lad, Iain, had told me it was firm around the inner and very rough, so we were lucky to get away with it. Some horses can handle this ground but very few. 

290739Conrad Lockey and Steve heading over to the Peat Moss gallop

I must mention one of my stalwart and loyal owners today, Michael Bowring, who has suddenly discovered technology and has a computer, so he can see the site daily. He has not yet got his e-mail set up but Rome wasn't built in a day. Welcome to the techno-world. He'll be on Twitter before we know it!

290744Making hay in front of the Rowley Mile racecourse

290764Shomberg (Lauren) comes to join My Guardian Angel (Nikki)

290774Second lot about to cross the Moulton Road at the bottom of Long Hill

290776Brushing (Nikki) sets off at the bottom of Warren Hill