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Very warm again....

Wednesday, 03 August 2011

“Try and fail but don't fail to try.”

 - Anonymous

030833Ted Spread gets a stroke from MHT

Another warm morning and let's hope we get a few of the forecast thunderstorms. It would do the ground no end of good, as it is really starting to firm up once again. At most of the tracks, you can see clods flying up from the horses' hooves but this is just the top few inches, where they have put some water on - it is hard underneath. This ends up, ruining the track, as all they do is fill in the holes with sand. We have been out cantering with everything each lot and they are really starting to come to hand.

030874Battery Power (Lauren)

030844Khaled gives Blimey O'Riley a wash, while Caroline scrapes off Star Commander

We have got a new manager of the Astley Club, who started this month. This club is for all the employees in the racing industry, whether racing or studs and covers a wide variety of activities. Our new man, Matt Mancini, had a grounding in the racing industry before leaving to get his qualifications in the welfare industry. He has been riding out for a couple of days with me and will be getting round all the trainers to hear first hand how the staff would like the Astley Club to develop. Graham Locking, the vicar of racing, is also very much involved and will be on hand with plenty of helpful advice. We have had a number of incidents in the town over the last few years, which we would have liked to have avoided and anything we can do as an industry can only be for the better. I am sure with careful thought we can come up with the right formula.

030839Matt Mancini with Graham Locking

030879The new hay steamer

We are trying out a new machine this week at Flint Cottage: a hay steamer, which kills all the spores and nasties that can occur in the hay bales. Quite a few yards have these and swear by them, so we have jumped on the bandwagon and I am sure we can only benefit from this process. It looks like a big suitcase with spikes inside it, a bit like an old 'Iron Maiden'. You stick a whole bale onto the spikes, shut the lid and steam is pumped through the top of the spikes into the bale - quite an ingenious contraption.    

030855My Guardian Angel (Wajid)

030859Astroscarlet (Lee)

030863Dictate (Butch)

030872Dazinski (Steve)