Horse welfare is paramount ...

After the very wet weather...

Friday, 05 August 2011

“Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valour of the brave”

 - Muhammad

050804Colzium (Paolo)

After the very wet weather we had yesterday, it has taken time to dry out everything. All the tack and sheets got soaked, so we have needed to apply plenty of oil and saddle soap to all the leatherwork. Amazingly most of the grass gallops were open this morning, including the Peat Moss on Racecourse Side, where we did a very good gallop with Ted Spread and Brushing, who are both York-bound in ten days' time. I couldn't have them both any better at this stage.

050806Cornish Quest (Lauren)

050813Cat Island (Rhea) and Astromagick (Hannah)

Our runners yesterday both floundered in the soft ground and will have a few days on the easy list, as running on unsuitable ground can drag the strength out of them. Both were not knocked about when beaten and back on much better ground, they will show their form again.
Both our runners today have been withdrawn because of the ground and I shall be looking for suitable opportunities for them in the near future.

050819Marvo (Steve)

 It was great to see Ryan Moore had returned home to Newmarket after his operation and will now take time to recuperate and recover. I am sure he, like most jockeys, will be itching to return more quickly than he should. The falls on the flat are always worse, as you are not expecting them and don't have time to anticipate hitting the ground. The jump jockeys now have the machine at the British Racing School to practice on but I wouldn't think the flat boys get much use out of it.

050820Dazinski (Steve)

The retirement of Canford Cliffs is a loss to the end of the season and the possibility of another clash with Frankel but these injuries happen and he has been a fantastic horse for all his connections. The way Richard Hughes rode him was a delight to watch and his ability to quicken was his big plus. He now retires to Coolmore Stud in Ireland where he should prove very popular.  


The geese appear to be positively relishing yesterday's weather conditions