Horse welfare is paramount ...

Quite a nice morning with a light breeze.....

Saturday, 06 August 2011

“Remember today..... marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true.”

 - Albert Einstein

060806Marvo (Hannah)

Quite a nice morning with a light breeze and it is not as muggy today. Everybody seems in good form and we have had plenty of visitors in the yard, in fact, it was busy on Warren Hill this morning. Whether that was due to the two days of racing at Newmarket and Boyzone playing last night, I don't know, but there plenty of people watching horses canter before breakfast.

060820Ted Spread (Butch) and MHT

I see the BHA have announced that there will be 80 less fixtures in 2012, which is the consequence of a smaller foal crop and a natural drop in horses-in-training. The comment was "the BHA board felt compelled to take this decision to protect the long-term health of the sport". What a load of waffle! What they should have done is knock 400 fixtures off the list, which would have got rid of many of the mundane racing that puts people off the sport. This would then have allowed what little money we are now getting for prize money to go to the horses with proven ability. It would make all the races much more competitive and much better viewing for everybody. Another thing I would do is have prize money down to sixth place in every race.   

060816Battery Power

Another good article in the Racing Post today from Richard Hughes. His comments on how hard it is to find proper horsemen is 100% right and asking why we have such a reliance on the so-called horse whisperers, who put horses through the stalls. All that is required is good common sense and horsemanship, it is certainly not rocket science. As he says, they like us can do it very much themselves without any outside help. We occasionally get one, who doesn't like the stalls but time and careful handling can usually sort out the matter. Horsemanship is a must.

060803The rainbow over Exeter Ride at 5.20 am on Thursday morning

I thought you would be amused to see a picture of Ringmaster (Charlie, as he is known in retirement) with his friends the alpacas. They all get on really well and keep the grass down. It is only at shearing time that Charlie gets worried! He was a cracking racehorse, being beaten only a short-head in the Magnet Cup at York and has had a marvellous retirement with Sally Lou and Emma Tritton.  

Charlie_and_friendsRingmaster with his friends

Vegas and Bob, the two new inmates at Exeter Ride