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A perfect temperature.....

Tuesday, 09 August 2011

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

 - T.S. Eliot

090806First lot receive their orders before going down for their second canter

A lovely morning with a perfect temperature and, once again, a pleasure to be out in it. We have been doing good work on both Warren and Long Hill and the horses are really starting to pull together. They all look healthy and strong and if we don't have any more setbacks I can see a successful mid to end of season with plenty of winners.

090821Lady Bellatrix (Nikki)

I see from the headlines on the front of the Racing Post that I am not alone in calling for a radical overhaul of the fixture list and programme. You can read it first on my site. The Horsemen's Group were urging the BHA yesterday to conduct an overhaul of both these items. Capping the fixture list is a minor thing - a complete re-think of the whole fixture list and the type of races needed is what is required. Mind you, I have been saying this for thirty years, so don't hold your breath that anything will happen quickly. It could be done very quickly, as everything is computerised but the problem is very few people at the BHA understand anything about it, especially race planning.  

090829Cornish Quest (Abbi) has a blow with the blinkers he is going to wear at Yarmouth tomorrow

The weaning process at Dullingham Park continues and there is one batch of six foals nearly ready to make the journey up to Garrowby. They have settled well together and once Angie and David are happy, in about ten day's time, they will be on their way and the second batch can start the process. This year's foals look a smashing bunch and I can't wait to train them in 2013, as two year olds. It is amazing how quickly it comes round.
I shall be putting some information up on the 'Stud and Breeding' page about a foal buying partnership, which should be of interest to everybody, as we will be buying foals in November/December this year and selling them in the yearling sales in 2012. It certainly will be of great interest to see how this develops and it could be profitable for everybody.  

090832Like Clockwork (Charles) and Shomberg (Dan)

090846MHT takes off Cornish Quest's blinkers after cantering

090875Astrovenus (Hannah)