A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

A warm morning with no breeze...

Monday, 22 August 2011

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

 - Anonymous

220801MHT with Mattie Bachelor and Colin Bolger


Colin Bolger and Mattie Bachelor jump on to their first mounts at The Links

A warm morning with no breeze but the forecast is for it to pour down tomorrow, so this must be the lull before the storm. It has been a very busy morning with Colin and Mattie coming up first lot to put a few of the young horses over the hurdles. Everything went smoothly with both men and horse enjoying themselves. After another good school next week, we shall have a few three year olds ready to run, particularly if we get some rain. I have been up and down between the yard and the stud putting poultices on one of the mares' feet that has got some pus in it; it is always at this time of year, when it is quite firm, that these things occur but a couple of days will put it right.  

220807Astrolibra (Mattie B)

220811Cornish Beau (Colin B)

Very sorry for the site being late on Saturday, especially when everybody would have been anticipating it but the button wasn't pushed and needless to say it won't happen again. York was a great success on Saturday with the Ebor being run for the first time on a weekend. A big crowd attended and I am sure they will build on it from now. Ted Spread pulled too hard in the early part of the race, as well as getting upset in the parade. His race is best forgotten and, thank goodness, Paul Hanagan sensibly didn't give him a hard race. We were lucky enough to have a winner during the week, which is always welcome at this meeting. Apart from the ground, which left the jockeys not knowing where to come and having no idea where the best ground was, the whole meeting has been a great success. 

220828Astroverdi (Colin B)

220837Cornish Quest (Mattie B)

A good article by Charlie Brooks in the Daily Telegraph, which should be read by everybody. The gist of it is that we shouldn't be surprised that Fred Done, the new owner of the Tote, has withdrawn the Tote's sponsorship from the members of the Racehorse Owners' Association. This is a major financial snub because without sponsorship the owners' ability to reclaim the VAT becomes in doubt. The ROA itself has stepped in to replace the sponsorship but, as Brooks states, it makes a mockery of his words to the Government's ministers, who agreed the sale, assuring them of his eagerness to work with racing. We have sold our 'crown jewels' and now we have nothing left to sell.

220843Astromoon (Dan), Astroverdi (Colin B) and Cornish Quest (Mattie B)


Cotton Grass (Colin B)

220872Cotton Grass leads Piccarello and Colzium