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Still waiting for the forecast rain....

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

 - Anonymous

230803First lot en route to the Al Bahathri

The forecast, overnight rain has failed to materialise but, saying that, we are starting to get a few spots now, at just gone half past nine. There were weather warnings last night of flash floods in the area with thunder and lightning but as yet none have arrived. A busy morning with some horses doing fast work on the Al Bahathri and others in good cantering work, plus the pool has seen many swimmers already. David is getting ready to go to Yarmouth for this evening's meeting and generally the yard is busy.

230804The horses arrive at the top of Railway Land

230813Star Commander (Charles), Astroverdi (Wajid) and Comrade Bond (Abbi)

One runner tonight at Yarmouth in the 7.50 pm race. Cornish Beau runs in the mile and three handicap, unless we get heavy rain and it changes the going. I have  put blinkers on him for the first time and Kieren Fallon rides, so I would have to be reasonably hopeful. He was one of the ones that schooled yesterday morning and he seemed to really enjoy it - he is a big, strong horse, who could be quite good at that game.

230837Iain leads Cornish Quest back into the yard

If you get the Racing Post you will see that I have been quoted in the 'should they water or should they not water' debate. I have always been firm in the opinion that watering should only be done to help the grass grow, not to change the going. We have had constant watering now for many years and the grass on many courses has changed with the root structure going sideways not down; consequently, horses kick the top off and the surface is ruined. It has not been helped by the expansion of the fixture list but if they were to let nature take it's course everybody would be far better off. 

230839On The Rocks strolls into the pool for his morning swim

230848A moment's hesitation before setting off


There is a programme at 9.00 pm tonight on BBC1 about Prince Harry walking to the North Pole with Afghanistan veterans. Most of them have lost a limb of one sort or another and this film is a great inspiration to everybody, demonstrating how much can be achieved no matter what life has thrown at you. Please send donations to , as it is a great charity and will go to re-habilitate so many of our soldiers.

230858MHT gives Charles on Rayvin Black his instructions before going down for a second canter

230860Dictate taking a turn on Long Hill, as the rain starts to come down