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A pleasant morning.....

Saturday, 27 August 2011

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others."

 - Cicero

270806After the rain, first lot canters up Long Hill grass

A pleasant morning and much brighter after yesterday's dull, damp day, when we certainly had plenty of rain. I said we were lucky that the gallops were all open and, in fact, the manager of the Heath texted everybody at lunchtime to say that all the special gallops and the ones that are only open in dry weather were now shut until further notice. They have also closed Warren Hill grass and opened the canter on Long Hill, which is where we went this morning and it was absolutely perfect.

270802Akula (Abby)

Everybody was delighted with Toptempo, our runner, yesterday at Newmarket. She is a really cracking filly with a future and, although not very big, she will continue to develop for another year and looks a real prospect. She is the first foal of Topatoo, who is in foal to Rail Link this year but I would think she may be going back to Halling in the spring. Our breeding programme is really cranking up now with good horse after good horse and great credit goes to all the stud workers for their input. Without the good upbringing, excellent feeding and kind handling you have nothing - the old saying, 'Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man' is very true. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes with these young horses, which is often forgotten in the heat of the moment but I am always aware of the amount of dedication it takes beforehand to get each horse on the track.     


Locum (Lee)

Because of the change in the going, I have had to take all our runners out today, which is very unfortunate, as they all had live chances but the three of them hate the soft, sticky ground. Who would be a trainer?  Just an aside, it is 9.15 am and Phil has told me there are 38 non runners as of now. If the call to change back to 24 hour declarations is not made loud and clear now, it ought to be. We are told that 48 hour declarations give people overseas the chance to bet on our racing - what will they make of all the non runners today? Also,  we never see any money from this source going into prize money. 


David and Darren give Mystery Star his early morning swim

There was an article this week in the Racing Post, which I failed to mention, about two year olds in median auction races and how well certain trainers did in them. I was pleased to see my name high on the list with a good percentage of winners, especially with fillies, which just goes to show that with time and patience you can get the right results. We have a lot of horses for these races this time and I can feel a run of two year old winners coming on.

270818Brushing (Butch)

270880Barwick (Abby)