A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

A calm morning here in Newmarket....

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about."

 - Albert Einstein

300807Star Commander (Lee) and Comrade Bond (Lauren) take a turn at the top of Railway Land

A calm morning here in Newmarket and just a normal working morning, although we are minus our Pakistani workers, who always have today off to celebrate Eid. There are so many overseas workers now in Newmarket and we couldn't do without them: they are great workers, always in, always happy to do anything and are an example to many of our benefit-dependent countrymen, who are happy to live off the state. Newmarket would close tomorrow if they all left.    

300817Brushing (Charles) and Kathleen Frances (Butch) easing down at the end of their work

Astromoon was a bit disappointing yesterday at Warwick. She travelled well for a long way but only kept on at one pace; however, I don't think the track suited her style of running, as it is very sharp and suits horses that have a bit of tactical speed.

300831Old Boy Ted, No Rules and Astromagick cantering on the Al Bahathri  

We are sorting out our entries for October horses-in-training sales and December foals and mares sales at the moment. You have to enter so far in advance that it is all too easy to forget to put one in or to leave one out. It is so expensive to enter these sales and the withdrawal fees are even worse, which makes it imperative that nothing is entered that may suddenly improve, which is too often the case. That is why there are so many withdrawals from the horses-in-training sale in the autumn, which drive the sales company and prospective buyers mad. Unfortunately, this early entry system is the reason for this problem.  

300843MHT gets the feedback from the riders after the work

300845Rhea leads Mystery Star back in from first lot

300847Charles starts to tack up Blimey O'Riley before he goes out second lot

300851Astrovenus (Rhea) heads down for her blow before her run at Folkestone tomorrow