In and out as quickly as possible ...

The weekend's runners...

Monday, 05 September 2011

"Patience is the companion of wisdom."

 - Saint Augustine

050905Barwick (Dan)

It started off very bright this morning but, as the morning has progressed, it has clouded over and with the wind freshening we look as if we are in for a good downpour. At least we have got all the horses out before it arrives, as there is nothing worse than getting soaked through each lot, which makes you progressively colder and colder. Our indoor school is a real boon on these cold, wet days.

050920Battery Power (Lauren)

050931 Old Boy Ted (Steve)

The weekend's runners have driven me crazy, as I anticipated and had no reason to doubt that they would all run creditably. Unfortunately, the outcome was that they all ran very similarly, with the horses fading just as the race was getting going. We had a few run well last week and I thought we had turned the corner but after having the vet in this morning to scope a few the results told a different story. Dirty washes came back from some of their throats and medication will have to be administered to those. There were a few with perfectly clean throats and it is certainly not everything which is showing infection, in fact, they are jumping about like lunatics, which makes it even more frustrating. I will not be having a runner this week, as the vets will be giving us a complete examination and all the horses will be scoped and blood tested with those that need it getting treatment. Who would be a trainer?   

050950First lot walking home on the Severals

050968Steve on Dazinski thanks the traffic on Exeter Road

050977Phantom Ranch, Shomberg and Rayvin Black set off cantering

050999On the top of Long Hill with views across to Ely