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A much better day.......

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self."

  - Benjamin Franklin

070901Ted Spread (Butch)

A much better day with sunshine poking through the clouds but there is quite a strong breeze and a nip in the air.  We cantered on Long Hill grass first lot, where the horses made a nice print after the rain of the last few days but the wind is drying it out pretty fast, so I am glad we used it while we could.

070908Barwick (Dan)

I see in today's Racing Post that Frederick Engels has been sold to race in Hong Kong. David Redvers makes it very clear that poor prize money in England was the reason for selling the horse, stating "...another very good horse has left England, where prize money is desperate, to race for huge amounts in Hong Kong". If it were not for the commitment of a hardcore of enthusiatic owners in England, the Pattern race system would be decimated by the volume of these sales. It provides one more reason why we need to reverse this constant downgrading of our racing and to raise our prize money levels.

070925Locum (Lee)

070934Astrolibra (Lauren)

On the plus side, we have a marvellous afternoon's racing from Doncaster today with one of the highlights for me, being the Leger Legends' race at 3.45 pm. The chance to see the likes of George Duffield, Ray Cochrane, Graham Bradley and Steve Smith-Eccles, to name but a few, riding again is a fantastic spectacle and one that I shall not miss. I do not know whether Julie Krone has come over solely to ride in this race but she was a sensation, when riding in America, and it will be interesting to see her riding style, compared to some of the others.  

070946Harrowing the Long Hill polytrack

070950Some of the two year old colts on Exeter Road

070955Chankillo (Rhea)