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Calmer and cooler

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"The best way is always through."

- Robert Frost.

130939Piccarello (Matt Mancini riding out - Matt is the new M.D. of The Astley Club)

A clear blue sky and a strong breeze after a very windy night and what can only be described as the best Poacher's Moon you will ever see. It was so light at one o'clock this morning when I heard the dog barking, that you could have played cricket without a sight-screen. We have been cantering on the all-weathers this morning as the Heath is so dry and continuing to get firmer as the wind blows.

130933Bird 0f Faith (Abbi)

We have two runners today at Folkestone. Astroscarlet runs in the 2.50p.m. race and Dine Out in the 3.50p.m. Astroscarlet is the sibling of Astroleo, who has been so consistent this year, and she is making her debut today. I would expect her to improve considerably for the experience. Dine Out was second at this course last time out but has had a skin rash since, which needed plenty of time to clear up hence the sixty eight days since she last ran. She would undoubtably have a chance on that form but with the racehorses under going treatment for infection, you must always be cautious until they show their well-being on the track.

130935Chankillo (Rhea)

I see the Irish are calling for a review of their Classic entries, where you have to enter for their 2012 races now. There has been a big drop in people nominating horses and I have always maintained that being so far in advance you are wasting money on hope rather than judgement. In my opinion they should follow our system. We enter for both Guineas in the New Year when you have a much better idea of the ability of the three year olds and then don't mind paying a slightly higher fee nearer the time of the race.

130934Barry Cook with his friend Mike watching his horses  go round the School

This week of the year was always one of my favourites  with the big Summer Festival meeting at Yarmouth and the Ayr Gold Cup meeting in Scotland. Since the expansion of the fixture list and racecourses having a free for all choice of dates, this week is now completely wrecked. Everybody, especially the public, looked forward to the top jockeys going to Scotland and staying for a few days. Now, unfortunately, only a few will make it as these tracks are competing with Newbury and Newmarket who have the top races. Surely there is some way of changing this for the better.

130922Brushing watching the world go by

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The kittens are growing up