In and out as quickly as possible ...

Another bright and dry morning....

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"A mind always employed is always happy."

 - Thomas Jefferson

140952Ted Spread leads first lot around Side Hill

Another bright and dry morning and we missed those heavy showers, which affected the ground at the tracks yesterday. We had a good canter around Side Hill first lot with the rest going up the mactrack on Warren Hill and several more have been scoped by the vet. The results of these scopings have been very interesting and very mixed.

140969Blimey O'Riley (Charles)

I see from the Racing Post we have now got another Australian in charge of our industry. Paul Bittar is coming over from Australia to take over as chief executive of the BHA from the now-departed Nic Coward. My first thought was why do we need an Australian to run our industry and would the NFL or the Aussie Rules association want an Englishman running their concerns. However, it has been pointed out to me that we don't have an NFL or Aussie Rules football in England but do have horse racing, which is supposed to be similar to Australia, so maybe I was too quick in my judgement. I think the difference between the two countries is prize money, bookmakers and a Government that likes racing; I will give it time but don't hold out too much hope. It is only a pity we couldn't find somebody with the calibre that is needed in this country. 

140994Battery Power (Lauren)

Our two runners yesterday were slightly disappointing but I think Astroscarlet will improve for the run on much better ground and Dine Out hated every minute of the rain soddened ground and will be seen in a much better light on a sounder surface. Talking about surfaces, the clown at Yarmouth put water on the course in the morning to keep it good-to-firm, only for a shower of rain to change it to soft. When you declare at 48 hours on fast ground that is what you expect, not for the clerk of the course to water and change the ground. When will we stop the madness of watering? It is no good to anybody. 

140998Walking home through Warren Hill copse

After yesterday's photograph of Barry Cook watching his horses, Barry wishes it to be pointed out that his friend, Mike, is his bank manager and they are both married with children!

140912Second lot 0n Warren Hill mactrack

140913No Rules (Dan)

Alan and Tina at Garrowby entered this scarecrow in the local village competition. He finished second due to internal village politics but very much deserved first prize. Christopher, their son, joined the army last year and is in full training at present. This 'Help for Heroes' charity is a very deserving one and anybody who wishes to donate, please go to

140999'Help for Heroes' scarecrow at the competition