It's Champions weekend ...

Autumn is on it's way......

Thursday, 15 September 2011

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing."

 - Abraham Lincoln

150905Cornish Quest (Iain) leads first lot up Warren Hill

The first morning of the year that it has felt as if autumn is nearly upon us. Quite a bit of red sky, as I came in from Dullingham and patches of mist, which are always a clear sign that we are approaching the latter part of the year. A good turn-out of staff this morning and we have been cracking on with the ones that we can do. The scoping continued this morning with a couple more found to be dirty. Whether they are clean or dirty is completely random with no pattern to it at all and we just have to keep on top of the monitoring and only run the ones we think are clear. 

150908Joe The Coat (Wajid)

One runner today at Yarmouth, where Astromagick runs in the 4.40 pm race, the two mile handicap. She has been second on her last two starts and the form of both of those has worked out well. She is out of our good winner, Astrocharm, who stayed well herself and is by Rainbow Quest, who was another sound stayer, so this trip should present no problems. She has scoped clean and we look forward to getting back to winning ways but you can never tell until they are put under the pressure of racing.

150911Kinsya (Steve) on the Town Sand

The delay in the fixture list is driving everybody barmy, none more so than the charities and publications, who are printing the calendars and diaries for next year. This is a complete mess and is one of the first things that our new chief executive needs to sort out. It is a clear cut case of too many cooks with none of them having any influence or power to do anything. The way we are running our industry is making us a laughing stock in world racing - even Jersey knows when their fixtures are going to be. 

150936Battery Power (Lauren)

150939Astrogold (Dan)

150999Shomberg (Lauren)