In and out as quickly as possible ...

A calm, bright morning....

Monday, 19 September 2011

All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.

 - Arabian proverb

190910Long Hill polytrack

A calm, bright morning with just a little nip in the air, which tells us autumn is on it's way. Both the mornings and evenings are drawing in now and it won't be long before our reflective jackets come out first lot; several yards, who pull out very early, are already wearing them. We have been cantering on Long Hill polytrack all morning, as the rain we got over the weekend had not made much difference to the ground. The rain has been very sporadic, as we got some in Newmarket with thunder and lightning and even hailstones but 4 miles away at Dullingham we did not have a drop.

190912Ted Spread (Butch)

190920Comrade Bond (Abbi)

Our scoping programme continues and we have been re-scoping some of the worst affected after first lot this morning. Of the 7 we did, 5 came back clean and are ready to crack on with but both Locum and Comrade Bond will require another five days of the antibiotics. Hopefully, we will have a few runners this week but that will depend on good blood results, which we will be taking in the evenings. I am sure we are getting on top of all this but I shall not be happy until everything is completely clear.

190926Locum (Lee)

190935Old Boy Ted (Steve)

I see that jump racing was back yesterday after their two week break and that several trainers thought it was a stupid idea to have it at this time - what can they expect when we are ruled by committee! Of course anybody, who knows anything, would have the break in June or July, as a month off for horses and staff then would be a perfect situation. However, the people, who decide these things, don't understand how the industry works nor are they even willing to ask the people who do, as they would soon explain to them the ideal time to have it.  

190952Shomberg (Lauren)

190960Brushing (Dan)

190970        190972

          My Guardian Angel (Wajid)                                                        Chankillo (Rhea)