It's Champions weekend ...

It feels like rain is on it's way

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Either life entails courage, or it ceases to be life."

 - E.M. Forster

200919Colin Williams, MHT and Conrad Lockey

An overcast morning with a good, cool breeze and it feels like rain is on its way. We certainly need some, as I have had to work on the watered gallop this morning, which is nearly unheard of in September. They have been right across the strip used for this gallop and have started from the beginning again this last week, which is not very desirable, as it won't give the grass long to recover for next year. Whilst over there, I took time to walk on the course with my trusty stick and the ground is certainly on the fast side of good. A good shower of rain would make it perfect, so let's hope we get some, as I would like to have one or two runners here this week.

200915Blimey O'Riley (Dan) and Shomberg (Lauren) having a blow before running at Goodwood

Very sad news yesterday of the death of Ginger McCain, who single-handedly along with Red Rum, put the Grand National back where it belonged, as the most famous horse race in the world. Ginger was larger than life with a character as big as a barn and the horse himself became a television star with the public worldwide taking him to their hearts. For a horse to do what he did with dodgy, old legs, having only won a seller over 5 furlongs on the flat, to be trained on a beach, at the back of a car sale showroom, was nothing less than miraculous. I am sure the whole of the racing world will send their condolences to Ginger's wife and family.

200922Mystery Star (Rhea) and Ted Spread (Butch)

200929Astrolibra (Lee)

We are coming to the end of the weaning at Dullingham with a couple more being done today. Alan has started the process up at Garrowby with Lord and Lady Halifax's mares, so very soon everything will be sorted out and the groups of weanlings will start to take shape.

200948Cotton Grass (John) and Old Boy Ted (Steve)

200977Eanans Bay (Lauren) cantering on the Town Sand

200997Toptempo (Rhea)