Horse welfare is paramount ...

Clear, blue skies and a gentle breeze.....

Thursday, 22 September 2011

"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

 - Benjamin Franklin

220901Chankillo (Rhea)

A clear, blue sky and a gentle breeze make it very pleasant, once again, on the Heath this morning. We have been out cantering up Warren Hill and the horses, I think, are really starting to go the right way. After the nightmare of the last few months, it looks, and let's keep our fingers crossed, as if we are over the worst. I just want a good inch of rain to fall on the Heath to make the grass useable.

220937MHT with the Reverend Graham Locking

220958Astrovenus (Abby), Astroscarlet (Lauren), Dine Out (Hannah) and Toptempo (Rhea)

The ground yesterday at Goodwood was bottomless and when I say that I mean it was really soft and holding. Shomberg couldn't handle it at all and Blimey, who I was delighted with, got very tired from two furlongs out. His legs are fine this morning, which is the main thing, and we can go again shortly once we are re-handicapped. I am sure this very soft ground is caused by the cumulative effect of constant watering throughout the year, which makes the ground very boggy the moment any heavy rain comes, as the grass and root structure are soft, rather than being tough. You have heard me go on about this all year but yesterday's ground was a great example of what can happen.
Battery Power absolutely skated in at Kempton in the evening and I am sure the treatment they have all been receiving has put them right. If you saw the programme on Channel 4 the other night, about vets dissecting a horse, you will have seen the importance of the airflow to the throat, making any obstruction hugely detrimental. I am sure the handicapper will not be very kind to us after winning by six lengths and I shall have to find a race quite quickly for her under a penalty. There is one at Salisbury and one at Wolverhampton towards the end of next week, both of which could be suitable.

220970Walking home

One runner today at Newmarket, where Brushing runs in the listed race at 3.20 pm. She has run well in much higher class races this season, so if she is right after the infection, she must have a live chance of getting involved today. The ground will be okay and it looks like there will be a bit of pace on, so it would be great to get her back on the winning trail. 

220971Old Boy Ted (John)

220984Eanans Bay (Charles)