It's Champions weekend ...

Another very similar day....

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"Soft words butter no parsnips but they won't harden the heart of the cabbage either."

 - Irish proverb


Second lot on the Warren Hill mactrack

Another very similar day to the rest of this week and it is forecast to get even hotter in the early part of next week, so I shall have to be looking a bit further afield for some easier ground. Up at Newcastle, it is forecast to be 'soft' for next week and Haydock yesterday was 'soft', which is the complete opposite of the firm, fast ground we have here. Everything has had a good, healthy canter and a pick of grass in the sunshine. Unfortunately, we are getting blood results back that show some of the horses are still suffering from a viral infection but we are due to have a big scoping morning on Monday, which will give us a better view as to how things are progressing.

240906Smokey Oakey (Lauren)

240928Barwick (John) and No Rules (Dan) enjoying the morning sunshine

I took Ted Spread and Old Boy Ted out of their races yesterday and only ran Cornish Beau, who ran reasonably well on ground that he didn't like and over an inadequate trip. We have no runners today and it is strange to have the Cambridgeshire so early in the autumn. Phil's suggestion is Albaqaa of P.J. O'Gorman's and I am going to put up Cicumvent as an alternative but as everybody knows this is a real cavalry charge and horses that handle the ground and are with the right group always have an advantage.

240933Chankillo (Rhea)

You can see from the pictures below how relaxed the weanlings are in Yorkshire and the next couple of batches are booked in to go up next week. They have so much grass up there they will be in heaven.


Six of the weanlings enjoying the tranquility of Garrowby (above and below)....


.....while some of their friends relax in the sunshine at Dullingham Park

Caroline, one of my feeders, is running in the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon along with her husband on 4th December to raise money for the MS society. We have an unusually high rate of MS in East Anglia and it is a very good cause, so if anybody would like to donate  to the cause it would be greatly appreciated.  Personally I can't think of anything I would rather not do than run 13 miles in the heat of the desert but you must be mad to work for me, so that must help! 
To donate, please click on the link below: