Horse welfare is paramount ...

Very warm and close

Monday, 26 September 2011

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

 - Abraham Lincoln

260996Dictate (Rhea)

An overcast morning with a little bit of drizzle during first lot but very warm and close. The forecast is for it to get even warmer as the week goes on and there is no rain forecast until, at least, the weekend. The average monthly rainfall in East Anglia has been down all year and I am sure that once it does start raining it will never stop. Everything has been out and had a canter on the Bury Side hills and all I can say is thank goodness for the polytracks.

260997Jennifer J (Lauren)

We have continued scoping the horses this morning with nine of the ones that have been on antibiotics for 12 to 15 days being done. Of the nine, four were still dirty and will need to go onto injectible antibiotics, which are a bit stronger - it is enough to drive you barmy. It seems if it's not the throats then they are coming back with a virus in the blood but all we can do is continue monitoring them. At least, there are several of them that are clear and we can race.   

260995Rob, the vet, scoping this morning

A disappointing crowd at Newmarket on Saturday with only around 8,000 turning up; in fact, the whole meeting has been very poorly attended and for the quality of racing, which was very high, everybody must be extremely disappointed. You can blame the Champions Day at Ascot in October and the swap round of races but if people don't turn up to watch the top horses, then something is being done wrong. In times gone by, the racecourse on Cambridgeshire day was packed to the rafters, as the first part of the autumn double but now it just feels like any other raceday. We need to get the people, who are running this industry, energised; maybe Doctor Who could help by sending them back in time to show them how it should be done.
On the tipping front, I was pleased to see mine in front of Phil's but both of us were out of the frame. I have just had a shout from the other office to remind me that Arsenal got back on winning ways, making both Phil and Ian happy this morning. You will have noticed I have not been mentioning The Owls so far this year, who have actually been playing better of late but don't hold your breath for a promotion push.  

260999Ted Spread (Charles) crossing the Fordham Road

260404The weanlings enjoying the beautiful weather over the weekend