Horse welfare is paramount ...

A very warm morning once again....

Friday, 30 September 2011

"No one was ever lost on a straight road."

 - Indian Proverb

300904First lot set off around Side Hill on a hazy, warm morning

A very warm morning once again but it was a bit hazy first lot, as we cantered round Side Hill polytrack; however, the sky has now turned completely blue and it is very hot. This weather is forecast to continue for at least the next day or two, which is very good for the late holidaymakers but no good at all for our backward two year olds and autumn-ground horses. I am sure it will break sometime and then we will have floods and abandonment of race meetings, due to the waterlogged ground!

300914Barwick (John)

Our monitoring of bloods continues with several wrong ones again last night. It is imperative we keep monitoring the horses, in order not to stress the ones that are not right, as you can do plenty of damage to them if you run them when they are feeling below par.

300927Colzium (Abby)

Interesting to see the article on how Channel 4 racing is subsidised in the Racing Post today, which states that the bookmakers pay the company around £2m a year in advertising. This just highlights the point that if racing is not needed by the bookmakers, then why do they pay such a large amount to advertise and why now does racing have to subsidise Channel 4. For too long we have been so weak with the bookmakers and now is the time to sort everything out. We could all work together but the commercial parts of the industry, i.e. racecourses, bookmakers, etc. need to pay a fair amount for the product.

300928Astromagick (Hannah)

300950Smokey Oakey (Lauren)

300955Mystery Star (Rhea)

300964Toptempo (Rhea)

300974Kathleen Frances (Butch)