It's Champions weekend ...

Still very warm and dry....

Monday, 03 October 2011

"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."

 - Muhammad Ali

031037Astrogold (Dan) cantering on Long Hill

Slightly overcast this morning but still very warm and dry and with the breeze everywhere will dry up even more. We have been cantering on Long Hill polytrack all morning (see video below) and everything so far has gone well but, as you can see from the three pictures below, there was an incident on the A14, which had caused a major traffic jam in Newmarket by second lot. Everybody was trying to go round the back ways but because Newmarket is like a cowboy town with only one street everybody got in each other's way. Thank goodness it  had cleared by half past ten but it just goes to emphasise the effect of an increase in traffic to the Newmarket road system - it is just incapable of handling it. The Hatchfield Farm enquiry ended last week and it's a shame it did, as the traffic today would have shown the inspector what we have been banging on about. 

031052Shomberg (Lauren) about to cross the Bury Road


2  accidents on the A14 create chaos on the roads around Newmarket



Setting off cantering at the bottom of Long Hill


Walking off the canter at the top of Long Hill

Ted Spread was not disgraced on Saturday at Ascot but I feel he wants a lot further nowadays or at least a race which is run at a fast pace. His best race this year at Pontefract was on a staying track with a genuine front runner with class in the race. There is not much left for him this year but there is a possibility of him going hurdling, which would be very exciting.

031069Blimey O'Riley and Charles walking home on Rayes Lane

A good weekend for British trainers at Longchamp with four British winners on the biggest day of the year in France. We had a tremendous winner of the Arc in the German horse, Danedream, who only cost 9,000 euros and is very well named, as a dream she must be, for the owner and trainer. It just goes to show you don't need millions (although it helps) to buy a top class racehorse. Plenty of luck and patience are the two most important attributes any owner can have. 


Astroscarlet being led home by Abbi

Rather quiet in the office this morning with the two Gunner supporters keeping a low profile. I have got a bit more to cheer about but an away win at Hartlepool with 6,000 people in the ground, most of them supplied by the away team, is not quite as good as playing in the Premiership; anyway, at least we won and are now sitting fourth in the table.