It's Champions weekend ...

Cooler with clear blue skies....

Thursday, 06 October 2011

"Experience is the child of thought and thought is the child of action."

 - Benjamin Disraeli

061002A crow keeping an eye on the horses jumping off this morning

A much cooler morning with a clear blue sky and it's one of those mornings when the vapour trails from the air traffic criss-crosses the sky. A couple of small showers but they have not even dampened the dust, so we are still waiting for the first real rain of autumn. Everybody is in this morning and a good exercise has been had by all inmates. The bloods are taking time to come right and, of the ones we received this morning, there are still several that aren't right, so more time is needed without any stress being put on them. 

061004Dan on Akula setting off at the bottom of Long Hill

The first day of the yearling sales produced remarkable results with both the average and the median up from last year. I suppose the reasoning behind this is that if you have any money in these times of adversity and seemingly quite a few people still do, it is a good time to invest in bloodstock in the hope of increasing their value in a very short time. This is the top end of the market and the best specimens are all here this week, so it will be interesting to see how the market holds up over the next few days.  

061009Piccarello (Alex) walking onto the canter

On a lighter note, when the staff went up the drive this morning for their breakfast, a voice could be heard, coming from the trees surrounding Flint Cottage, in clear tones. On further investigation an African Grey parrot was found perched in the branches, giving everybody a taste of his full repertoire. Now both myself and Steve Avery have parrots of our own, so Steve volunteered to try and capture the said-bird; unfortunately, after getting within three or four inches of the bird, he decided he didn't fancy the idea of captivity and fluttered off out of reach. We have a cunning plan, which involves tasty food but I think he is too clever for our guise. 

061011The trees are turning golden....


....and the Heath is starting to look distinctly autumnal

061031Five Hearts (Fran)