In and out as quickly as possible ...

Dark and breezy this morning....

Monday, 10 October 2011

"A wise man does not need advice and a fool won't take it."

 - Benjamin Franklin

101004Second lot at the bottom of Long Hill, having crossed the Bury Road

A dark, breezy morning after a bit of rain at the weekend. We were a bit short on the ground this morning with runners, weanlings going to Garrowby, holidays and illness, so our band of stalwarts have been doing very well, getting everything out for a good canter. 

101007Marvo (Lauren)

A quiet weekend results-wise with a few performing below expectations. The unfortunate one was at York where Astromagick was very unlucky with the ground, changing from her favoured fast ground to being very muddy and boggy. I thought No Rules ran well after a long lay-off and that augurs well for a hurdling/chasing campaign, as he had a good blow afterwards and is sure to come on a tonne for it.

101010Koraleva Tectona (Abby)

One runner today at Windsor, where Barwick runs in the 4.40 pm race. He has been castrated since his last run and has had all sorts of infections ever since, so it will be interesting to see how he performs today.
It is the first day of the new whip rule and I know the jockeys are very apprehensive. I was very much in favour of this rule initially and stated so on this site but I can see various points of view that the jockeys have put forward. Importantly, I think we should not be too intransigient if the rule doesn't seem to be working properly. There are plusses and minuses both ways and I am coming round to the point of view that a trial period would have been the best way forward. I know the jockeys are up-in-arms about the financial penalties and I think they could have a point but from today onwards we will all be able to see how it's working. One thing is for sure, there will still be a lot more talking to come.  

101012Brushing (Charles)

After last weeks jackpot of a yearling sale, we have October Two starting here tomorrow and this will be a much better guage of the industry and the state it is in. It seems to me that there will be a good trade, as the breeze-up boys didn't get a look in last week and there are bound to be a few orders in the pipeline; so, along with the smaller catalogue, it may be another false sale. Who would think racing was in crisis and that prize money is peanuts, when you see the prices people are prepared to pay. I will be attending the sale every day, so anybody who has won the lottery or wants a nice racehorse for next year, please give me a ring to discuss things further. 

101018Blimey O'Riley stands patiently as he is re-shod