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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough."

 - Joe Lewis

111001Eanans Bay (Abbi)

A very breezy day but not cold, so the wind doesn't go right through you. I think there is very little rain forecast for this week, once again, which means the ground will be drying up fast. We have had a few more staff in this morning having recovered from their illnesses. This has allowed us to get on and do a bit more with the horses, which we have been doing on Long and Warren Hills. We took sixteen blood tests last night and of the sixteen, five were still wrong. They are going the right way though but maybe too late for this season.

111004Astrogold (Lee) and Jennifer J (Rhea)

Barwick ran a reasonable race yesterday and had a good blow afterwards, so that was one positive thing. Today we have one runner, Piccarello, who runs at Leicester in the seller at 2.40 pm. He has never really run a terrible race this year, on ground that has not really suited him, so I am hoping on this slightly easier ground that it might bring about a bit of improvement.

111006Smokey Oakey (Iain)

The first day of the whip rule, yesterday, didn't go without headlines, as two jockeys got suspensions. The most high profile was Richard Hughes, who, you could say, is the least whip-happy jockey in the weighing room. He never beats horses up and is a real horseman, so it is very disappointing it has started this way. The debate will rumble on and on and I just hope the betting turnover is not affected by this rule.

111014Like Clockwork (Wajid) and Eanans Bay (Abbi)

I have  a great book on the history and facts of Sheffield Wednesday since they were established in 1867. I was looking up the 10th October yesterday and two things sprang to mind. Firstly, on 10th October 1908, 14,000 people were inside Hillsborough to see the debut of a new goalkeeper, who had been signed from Gateshead Town for £300. He kept a clean sheet and The Owls beat Bristol City 2-0. The other interesting fact from 10th October 1955 was that 45,983 spectators, inside Hillsborough, saw Vasas Budapest beat Wednesday 7-1. The visitors received a standing ovation, as the crowd realised they had witnessed something special. What a difference 50 years makes.  

111028Iain gives Wajid a leg-up onto Ron