Horse welfare is paramount ...

A calm and pleasant morning....

Friday, 14 October 2011

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars."

 - Les Brown

141041The horses warm up in the indoor ride

A very calm morning and the temperature is not too bad. I have had horses going all over the place today, doing different types of exercise. Some have been galloping, some gentle cantering and some doing what I call a 'yorkshire canter' with all going well so far. A few people have been calling in to see their horses and Jenko has been on parade to look after them, as I am dashing about, looking at horses 0n the last day of the sales, before going off to saddle the two runners at Cheltenham.

141020Second lot cross the Fordham Road on their way back to Flint Cottage

141030The traffic waits patiently 

Our two runners today travelled down to Cheltenham yesterday and David reports this morning that they have both eaten up overnight. After a walk on the course, he says the going is good, fast ground with plenty of grass on it. Why every other course can't have as good a covering and leave the grass as long as Cheltenham has done, I don't know. Cornish Beau, who runs in the 4.30 pm race, has schooled well and I hope he can put up a good show. Astrolibra runs in the last race at 5.40 pm and after a bit of a scare yesterday with the jockey, having a tumble, all is okay and I hope she can run up to her form of last year. She hated the fibresand last time and took no interest at all, so seeing eight flights of hurdles today should show her in a better light.


Another glorious front page of the Racing Post today with Richard Hughes stating he is quitting, after receiving his second ban in four days. The racing world is in turmoil over this subject and the powers-that-be haven't got a clue what to do about it. We need to sort it out very quickly without the help of John McCririck, who knows nothing whatsoever about riding a racehorse. This subject has been pushed to the fore without any great thought and the sooner it is sorted out and forgotten about the better. We will be a laughing stock, as I said yesterday, if we don't clear up the mess soon.

141012Five Hearts

141014Ted Spread