In and out as quickly as possible ...

The visitors needed to be well wrapped-up...

Friday, 21 October 2011

"What is happiness, except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"

 - Albert Camus


211003Chankillo waits patiently for Rhea to get on board

A cold morning, once again, and the visitors, who arrived for first lot, were well wrapped-up against the cold wind and were very appreciative of the open fire that awaited them, on their return for breakfast. First lot worked on the Al Bahathri, as the grass gallops are, in my opinion, still too firm and the watered gallop, quite rightly, is now shut for the year.

211009Wajid gives Dan a leg-up onto Eanans Bay

Only one runner today, as we have had to take Marvo out at Doncaster because of a poor blood result last night. Of the thirteen we took, two are still completely wrong and a couple of others are very marginal. Our one runner today is Blimey O'Riley in the last at Newbury where our apprentice, Charles Eddery, takes the ride. He re-appeared after a three year absence the other day at Goodwood, where he had a good blow and got tired in the sticky ground. He is just about back to fitness but this race will do him the power of good once again. He should stay well and has handled this faster ground in the past.    

211013Comrade Bond, as alert as ever

I know there is not too much going on at the moment but the front of the Racing Post, which is the only racing paper nowadays, is getting more like the News of the World each week. We have headlines of a race fixing enquiry and the debacle of the new whip rule. Instead of sensationalizing all that is bad about our industry, which is actually very little, we should be championing all that is good, of which there is plenty.  Ever since you could lay a horse to lose on the exchanges, we have had these problems and they won't go away unless it is changed, as it only attracts the devious element among us. The debacle, following the announcement of the change in the whip rule, has been caused by people, who have very little knowledge of how our industry actually works.

211018MHT monitors the horses out at exercise

211021Comrade Bond, Shomberg, Chankillo and Eanans Bay