Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

Another lovely autumn morning....

Saturday, 22 October 2011

"Health is the greatest possession.

 Contentment is the greatest treasure.

 Confidence is the greatest friend."

 - Lao Tzu

221007Second lot on Warren Hill polytrack

A bluey-dark morning greeted us at first light and, as the sun came up, it got ten degrees colder. Everybody is upbeat after Blimey O'Riley's win yesterday and the morning has gone very smoothly. We have been cantering on Bury Side, using the polytracks with still no sign of rain; however, the forecast on Anglia TV last night insisted it was going to rain, if not pour it down, next Tuesday. All too late but very welcome.

221010Eanans Bay (Charles)

221019Red Hermes (Lauren)

It was fantastic to see Blimey O' Riley come back and win after three years off the track, which means he has now had four wins and a second from nine runs. He was a big horse when I bought him as a yearling and his two year old career was merely a learning process but at three he showed his true worth and was very progressive. His last victory, as a three year old, at Chester was very impressive and gave us ideas of the following year's Ebor and even Group class staying events. Unfortunately, he developed leg trouble that needed treatment and plenty of time, which his owners, Trevor and Betty Benton, have allowed me to give him in abundance. Everybody is so delighted for both them and the horse and, if all goes well, he will continue to give them a lot of pleasure in the seasons ahead. The only sting in the tail was that Charles Eddery got thirteen days under these completely stupid whip rules that have been forced upon us by people, who have no strength of character.    

221029Jennifer J (Hannah)

221045MHT with Duncan Sinclair and Paul

They are still meddling with these rules and I can see this continuing on-and-on. I agree fully with the jockeys and think the whole thing has been completely mishandled; it has done nothing but bring the whip debate to the attention of the wider public. These air-cushion whips are used solely to correct and encourage horses forward; they do not hurt or mark them and this point should have been got over to the general public in the first place. All they think now is that horses are being whipped and hurt, which is definitely not the case. It is so disappointing for the majority of racing fans that a committee of ill-informed and very weak people, working behind closed doors, have allowed this to happen.

221061Astrogold (Lee)